GoodMorning Narine! Wonderful post!

11 thoughts on “GoodMorning Narine! Wonderful post!

    1. haha… Yes!!!

      Here’s what i think, Narine. I think you should write a book. Short stories of the places you’ve been. I know it needs time.

      Just saying, though. Lets say: this is a suggestion of mine. Short stories – guide !

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      1. Interesting idea. I have never thought about a book. Who needs such book? People don’t read books nowadays. What do you think? But I will think about it. Thanks 🙂

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      2. You have a point. An interesting book is always an interesting book, though.

        What will make yours interesting is the rare places you’ve been, and your unique writing style.

        I’ll buy it first, dear!

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      1. You’re most welcome, Narine.

        You already know i’m a fan of yours! I really enjoy your posts! Always so interesting!

        The places you’ve been, your writing style and your descriptions, the pictures, etc., all so wonderfully curated! Congratulations, dear!

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      2. Wonderful question! Yes, the translation is pretty good!

        I don’t miss anything!… haha

        I, also, enjoy the comments of your wonderful visitors and friends. So interesting!

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