I Hope You Are All Republicans!

Ronald Reagan
Forty years ago, in 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot. He had been in office only for seventy (70) days.
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan

[ Getty images | Corbis Historical ]

  • President Ronald Reagan in the Oval Office at the White House on Dec. 14, 1981. Reagan was re-elected to a second term in a landslide election.
  • John Hinckley in an undated photograph at the White House some time before the shooting. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity and committed to an institution. He was released in 2016.
  • First Lady Nancy Reagan visits her husband at George Washington Hospital on March 30, 1981.
  • President Ronald Reagan waves as he leaves the Washington Hilton seconds before he was shot in an assassination attempt. He had only been in office for a few months.
  • President Ronald Reagan views a giant get-well card while recuperating at George Washington Hospital.
  • Press Secretary James Brady cuts the ribbon opening the new press center at the White House on Nov. 9, 1981.

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