Thank you for visiting “OutosegoScroll”, ladies & gentlemen! The creation of this blog is based on the idea to bring together old ideas of mine. Let’s say “technically speaking” for the most part! I’m not a specialist on the field. NOT a techie, dear!

My goal, though, is to use as many sources as i can in order to entertain the visitor -if i may say so- and to promote -for free, dear- the REAL bloggers. As many as i can!

I’m sure you have notice that a few Aliens like to use the wp platform in a very bad way! It is obvious! Most of the times it is obvious!

I won’t write more on this for the moment. I’ll come back, though, to write and to discuss with you details around this “topic”.

Let’s take a breath, and listen to a song!


Wow!  That was good!  A good song!  Oldies are Goodies!

My dear REAL bloggers, i’ll do my best to make you happy!  And not only!  You are the real stories!  The real deal!  I know you know.

I’d like to thank you all for your messages and support.  You know what i’m talking about.  Still not as good, though.

I have to do something and be creative.  Thank you all.


Real Bloggers

If you wish to send a message, feel free, dear!  Merci, Outosego NYC !

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