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  • All New York Transit Museum locations are closed. We are incredibly grateful for any contributions our community can make to help us through this …
  • There have been various branches of the Gye family living in Market Lavington and, over the years, more than one of them called Sarah. In the museum, …
  • Read more about the daily routines and activities of the people in hiding in the Secret Annex.

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  • A few years after the end of the Cultural Revolution, when I had the chance to live and study in China, I painted this picture: “Out of the dark”. …
  • alive and well and having fun Friedrich ZETTL 狐胡 Fine Arts abstract graphic ink on glossy paper portfolio 作品集 – Friedrich ZETTL 狐胡 Friedrich Zettl …
  • Homepage introducing paintings, graphics and calligraphy by Friedrich Zettl. Early works from 1976 on, works from the years in China in the 70-80s …

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  • Climate change is affecting every facet of our society, and its impacts will only become more dire. In 2020, there were 22 different billion-dollar climate disasters in the United States totaling $95 billion in damages. Costs associated with unabated climate change are projected to increase an …
  • To illustrate the dramatic effects of climate change on our interconnected world for the April 26 issue of TIME, we turned the cover canvas over to “an artist who paints without a paintbrush.” Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi spent two weeks creating an image that is part sculpture, part performance …
  • In recent weeks, Molotov cocktails, bricks and bottles have met barricades and water cannons as towns and cities in Northern Ireland faced some of their worst rioting in years. Mobs made up mainly of teenagers from both loyalist and republican neighborhoods have clashed with police, who struggled …
  • The globalization of manufacturing has transformed some of the world’s poorest nations to unprecedented levels of economic prosperity. But the resulting increase in poorly controlled emissions and eco-degradation has caused unsustainable levels of local air and water pollution, destabilizing the …
  • Nature and climate are inextricably linked. Nature loss drives climate change and vice versa. Right now, both are in crisis. Repairing our natural climate—reversing deforestation, for example, or conserving ecosystems to sequester and store carbon—addresses both these crises. So-called natural …

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  • 2021, R, 96 min. Directed by George Gallo. Starring Ruby Rose, Morgan Freeman, Patrick Muldoon, Nick Vallelonga, Julie Lott, Ekaterina Baker, Joel …
  • The bow of a barge cuts through rippling water, carrying a boatload of people down the Congo River. Crammed in with barely any space to move, the passengers banter, dance, cook, eat, sleep and cling desperately to sheets of tarpaulin when the rain pours. The camera stays with a small group of …
  • This movie’s first image is of a disco ball; the first song on its soundtrack is Donna Summer’s 1977 “I Feel Love.” But “Monday” isn’t a period piece. The director Argyris Papadimitropoulos, who co-wrote the movie with Rob Hayes, understands that for some partyers from the Balearic Islands to the …
  • For audiences seeking escapism, this may not be the best time to tout a movie about terminal illness. Yet it might help to know that “Hope,” a largely autobiographical drama from the Norwegian writer and director Maria Sodahl, is neither miserabilist nor sappily sentimental. Instead, it’s an almost …
  • Together Together, 2021. Written and Directed by Nikole Beckwith. Starring Ed Helms, Patti Harrison, Rosalind Chao, Anna Konkle, Evan Jonigkeit, Tig …
  • Some movies can bring out the life coach in you, the one who wants to get the characters to straighten up and fly right. Is that just because they’re …

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  • “During the day, MDP Circle is a dreamy little slice of what could be without the tyrannical hand of the state. At night, the police gas and shoot anyone gathered there. The oscillation between joy and terror is exhausting.”
  • Canada is a vast, diverse country, and The Pigeon is a new publication that aims to tell its stories with nuance and depth, focusing on Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ2S+, and POC voices.
  • This free, independent, non-profit newspaper is an indispensable source for news and unfiltered journalism from and about Hong Kong (and its surrounding region).
  • The Appeal is a journalism project that focuses on some of the most urgent social issues in America, from criminal-justice reform to public health and voting rights.
  • A group of international volunteers who are using pioneering online research techniques to investigate world events — from Mexican drug lords and crimes against humanity, to tracking the use of chemical weapons and conflicts worldwide.
  • In the final chapter of our Pride Month series, we talk to Niesha Sweet, from Automattic's HR team, about Pride, DEI work, and more.

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