Batman by John Paul Leon

In New York City

  • May 3, 2003 | The Old Man of the Mountain FallsArtist unknown. Originally published September 1973.Excerpt from “The Old Man Comes Down from the …
  • ESCAPE ON INTERSTATE 93 Will’s father put what he needed in the trunk of his silver-gray Chrysler and drove out of Miami, heading north, destination …
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  • Pe bună dreptate se spune că primul pas e cel mai important, dar și cel mai greu. Doar că trebuie să știi în ce direcție să-l faci, aș mai adăuga eu. …
  • Șocul investirii în șefia secției a fost cel puțin la fel de mare pentru Delia ca și pentru colegii ei. E drept că i s-a dat de știre, cu câteva …
  • The husband and I play a game sometimes…we were discussing recent events and I asked ‘what if you could do it all over again knowing everything you …
  • The deed is done. The deed, in fact, is in my possession. The deed to my grave. Section X, Row Y, Plot Z. My agent advised me to keep the exact …
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A Day With Destiny

A Day With Destiny


Lions Gate


John Paul Leon

Comics just lost one of its best, most powerful artists, John Paul Leon.  If you ever enjoyed his work, consider donating to his memorial fund, organized by @tommyleeedwards


Family Memorial :

Batman by John Paul Leon


The Underground Railroad
Emily at the Edge of Chaos


Altair 5G Theatre
  • Gypsy Project & Friends Programming / Music Another article about guitar? about gypsies ? Seriously ?Yes, then – it’s not at all, but not at all, a coincidence.First of all…
  • Highligthing. Django doesn’t need another name. Django has become a myth – in France, maybe also in your country. He is a strange myth, a forgotten myth that is no…
  • Programming / music This is the music of my country.Well, it’s not really my country – it is the country of my first memories. You don’t really know my country,…
Altair 5G Theatre


The Three Mothers
The Three Mothers

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  • Forty years ago, Star Trek: The Motion Picture brought Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise crew to the big screen and changed the course of the Star Trek …
  • Mă numesc Nadine Voindrouh, am 40 de ani, sunt clasa a X a la fără frecvență și am scris o carte pe nume ” Îndeplinește-ți visurile și planul tău cu …
  • This semester I am requiring my students to read The True Story of Hansel and Gretel, a novel takes place in Poland during World War II. The good news …


  • Note : I found this torso, it was lost behind some books, it was an interrupted project, well, I scanned it and used it for the series “How to sense …
  • "Eyes", 2015, 22 x 18 cm, pair of eyes drawing on paper and collage with dried flowers and golden leaves

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